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Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas Announces New Single "Come On Over" Ahead of Upcoming Album

Updated: Mar 29

Colorado Springs, CO – Folk/rock band, Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest single, "Come On Over," on March 29th, 2024. The track precedes the band's much-anticipated second full-length album, a follow-up to their well-received debut "48.”

Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas brings a unique voice to the folk-rock/Americana scene, blending traditional American storytelling with the intensity and passion of Latin American rhythms. At its core, "Come On Over" embodies this fusion, offering an intimate acoustic experience that nonetheless pulses with the vigorous spirit of Colorado's music tradition.

"Our new single is a heartfelt narrative that invites listeners to partake in the emotional journey of the song,” says producer, Alfred Gómez Jr. ”It's not just a melody, but an experience wrapped in the comforting strum of an acoustic guitar."

"Come On Over,” as well as the band's upcoming album, feature contributions from a cadre of distinguished musicians. Led by singer Mateo, Amy Biondo and Robert Johnson lend their backing vocals, with Adam Stern on the Pedal Steel Guitar, Max Martínez on drums, and Boston Rex on bass. The musical direction and arrangements are expertly crafted by Alfred Gómez Jr., while Ed López brings his touch to the editing and mixing process. Released by Cross-Grain Records, "Come On Over" is a testament to the collaborative spirit of Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas and its dedication to music that resonates with sincerity and soul.

Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas - Come On Over

On March 29th, "Come On Over" will be available across all major streaming platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the soundscape of Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas’ latest artistic endeavor.

For more information on the band and its upcoming releases, please visit and its social network at


About Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas

Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas blends the essence of a minstrel’s narrative with the vibrant energy of Latin American rhythms, offering an evocative journey through its music. Led by Mateo, the Colorado-based group channels a spectrum of emotions, from intimate acoustic melodies to raw, powerful anthems that capture the heart of their diverse influences.

The band’s performances are widely known for being transformative experiences that mix humor, storytelling, and spirited musicianship. Mateo regards each show as a deeply personal exchange, no matter the size of the audience, finding joy in the connection that live music fosters.

Recorded under the skilled hands of Venezuelan producer, Alfred Gomez Jr. and sound engineer Eduardo Lopez, the band’s songs are a rich collage of acoustic tales and full-bodied arrangements.  Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas’ upcoming releases, born from sessions in Bogota, Colombia, aim to resonate with listeners by merging the soulful sounds of the Americas.

With each track, Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas aspires to celebrate and unite the vibrant spirits of the Western US and South America, inviting audiences to be part of their cross-cultural sonic adventure.

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